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          On behalf of the M.S.C. Executive and the current membership, welcome to the Marquetry Society of Canada. We are a not-for-profit society, our membership is comprised of people of all ages and from all walks of life. Some members are professional woodworkers, but most, perhaps like you are novices who have accepted the challenge of learning the techniques used in "Marquetry".

          The goal of our society is to increase public knowledge of Marquetry - what is Marquetry? and how is it done. To that end, we attend and demonstrate at woodworking and hobby shows. At our monthly meetings we demonstrate the various aspects of Marquetry. We help you get started and have excellent programs such as mentoring to help you move forward.

          We hope your membership in the M.S.C. will provide you with the necessary information to perfect the skills to pursue this ancient and highest form of wood surface decoration. The executive and other members are always available at meeting and to assist, should you have any questions.

          Visit a monthly meeting as our guest.

Cathy Lago, MSC President

Past Presidents - John Sedgwick (Founder)(1983-2004), Jim MacKeracher (2005-2009), Ken Perch (2009-2011), Alain Huard (2011-2018), John Ness (2019-2023)

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